System operation engineer Can join the company on the same day! 120 days a year on holidays! Overtime 10 to 20 hours a month

System operation engineer Can join the company on the same day

System operation engineer Can join the company on the same day! 120 days a year on holidays! Overtime 10 to 20 hours a month

Job Description

First of all, let’s learn the technology through the work that can be done.

<Abundant projects of various customers such as major SIers, manufacturers, government offices, banks, etc. are in operation>
◎ Server/network operation/maintenance Support in case of
server down or network equipment failure Let’s eat.

◎ Design and construction of servers and networks In the
future, we will be able to be involved in the design and construction of supporting WEB systems. We will customize mainly Windows / Linux-based ones according to the purpose.

◎ Technical Support / Help Desk
You will be asked to set up your business PC and answer questions such as “PC does not work” or “Email does not arrive” by phone or email.

▼ First of all, polish the technique on site.
We have a wide range of projects, from those that proceed with 2 to 3 people to those that will be involved after 20 people. Basically, we work on a project with a team of several people, so we have a support system in place. Let’s decide the project to entrust according to your knowledge.

[Project example]
Exchange server maintenance for
major manufacturers Management, server operation, and maintenance of client terminals for major.


“Other necessary experience, qualifications, etc.”
Educational background is not required <Persons with no practical experience / second graduates are welcome! > ※ The number of job changes and the blank period does not matter.

Past work experience is irrelevant. In charge of work that can be done with the support of seniors. We will hire people with an emphasis on people, so feel free to apply first!

Recruitment background

We are looking for human resources who will gain experience from the beginning and will be responsible for our company in the future.

Our company has been doing business with major companies for many years. We have received many requests from all kinds of clients such as major SIers, manufacturers, government offices, and banks. We will continue to establish a new project team to continue to live up to the trust of our clients. It is possible to participate in projects according to your wishes in each area, mainly in the metropolitan area. Therefore, this time, we are recruiting with an eye on the future. We will welcome the core human resources of the company in the future by gaining experience from the beginning at our company.

Work location / transportation

Hyogo Prefecture [U / I turn welcome! ] You will be working at each project destination such as Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Osaka, Hyogo. * We will consider your preference for the place of work. * We are planning to expand to the Hokkaido / Tohoku area. * Because we are preparing to open the Kansai branch office, we welcome U / I turns to Kansai! (Registration until opening will be treated as Tokyo Headquarters.) [Interview] Headquarters / 1251 Kotta, Tama-shi, Tokyo Sark Building 2F Kudan Sales Office / 2-5-1 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tobin.

Salary / reward

Experienced people are expected to start with a monthly salary of 250,000 to 300,000 yen or more.
* We will give preferential treatment after considering experience and ability.
* Depends on the position to be adopted.

[Annual income example]
3rd year of joining the company / 30 years old/annual income of 4.6 million yen 5th year of
joining the company / 35 years old/annual income of 6 million yen.

Working hours

“Working hours”
9:00 to 18:00 (8 hours of actual work)
* Varies depending on the project destination.
* Overtime is 10 to 20 hours a month.

Holidays, vacations, etc.

■ Complete weekly two-day system (Basically, Saturdays and Sundays are holidays, but the days may differ depending on the project)
■ Holidays, summer vacation, year-end and new year vacation, GW, paid vacation, a special vacation, condolence vacation, Childcare leave
★ 120 days or more of annual holidays

PR, workplace information, etc.

Salary increase once a year (April)

Bonus twice a year (June, December)

Full transportation expenses

Social insurance (employment, labor accidents, health, welfare pension

Qualification allowance (5,000 yen per month ) 100,000 yen)

Overtime allowance * Full payment

Retirement allowance

Condolence money

Wedding congratulations

Birth congratulations


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