How to be able to speak in a country where there is no English for the exam

English allergy” just by looking at foreigners

Previously, when I stayed in Japan, I went shopping at a shopping mall. The mall seemed to have a separate entrance for cars (entrance to the parking lot) and an ordinary entrance. I was at the entrance to the parking lot, but I probably can’t enter except by car.

If this is Greece, it is likely that you will enter from the parking lot as it is, but since it is still Japan, the staff who was in charge of traffic control asked, “Where can I enter?” I asked in Japanese. Then, the reply “I’m sorry, I can’t speak English!

After that, I asked several times in Japanese, “The entrance is …”, but I only got the reply “I can’t speak English! I’m sorry!”. I remember that the reaction was more like an allergy than I was not good at English.

Besides this experience, when I enter the store when I am in Japan, I feel the eyes of the clerk. And I feel that I am doing the exchange of “I can’t speak English. You respond” and “No, I can’t do it” with eyes and gestures. When I speak in Japanese, I can see how relieved I am, “Oh, I’m glad.” It makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve never had such an experience once or twice.



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