120 days of annual holidays / 20 hours of overtime per month Field engineers Inexperienced welcome

annual holidays

job description

We will entrust you with the start-up and maintenance work of mechatronics equipment (conveyor equipment) in Japan and overseas
. We will take care of the installation, trial run, tuning, etc. of the transport device.

At first, you can carry in and out the parts you use. It is an environment where you can develop your skills.
Overtime is less than 30 hours a month on average, and annual holidays are 120 days or more, making it a comfortable working environment.

Target person

Inexperienced welcome! No age, gender, or experience. Emphasizing people >> ◎ Exemption required

★ Most members start inexperienced. Active mainly in the 20s and 30s!
《Experience-free / Inexperience-free welcome, Educational background-free, Age-free, Language ability-free》

★ Applications from anywhere in the country are possible! Skype interview in progress!

★※ In the case of face-to-face, a one-way transportation fee is paid.
[Application conditions] Those
who want to play an active role as an engineer, those who want to grow from inexperienced

[Welcome experience/qualifications]
Regular driver’s license (AT only) Those who can speak Chinese, English, and Korean (There is a local interpreter so you can improve your language skills You don’t have to be confident)

Work location / transportation

Consider your wishes and aptitude when you are assigned! Adopted nationwide

★[Metropolitan area] Minato-ku, Tokyo, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Chiba
[Koshinetsu area] Niigata-shi , Niigata
[Tohoku area] Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima
[Kansai area] Gamo-gun, Shiga-ken
[Kyushu ] Area] Nagasaki prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Saga prefecture
[Overseas] Korea, Taiwan, China, USA

Salary / reward

Monthly salary: 199,500 yen to 252,000 yen

[Model annual income]
Annual income example 3.5 million yen (1st year of joining the company: inexperienced person)
Annual income example 4.72 million yen (1st year of joining the company: experienced engineer)
Annual income example 5.14 million yen ( 1st year after joining the company: Experienced project manager)

* Determine based on experience and skills.
Other work allowance: 80,000 to 150,000 yen per month Yes

Various allowances

Full payment of transportation expenses * Training expenses, overseas travel expenses, and accommodation expenses will be fully borne by us.
Overtime allowance Business trip allowance Position allowance Stock option Qualification allowance



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